Optimizing Twitter to Maximize Small Business Results


The Buckster Writes: The ability to grow a business is a powerful thing once you begin to understand the processes it takes to grow that business.  As mentioned in earlier blogs I have been on a mission to get not only my business in the mainstream of Twitter but the new published book Be Sober Be Vigilant: Battle Tested Principles to Building The Foundation of Your Dreams. (besoberbevigilant.com) out into the public domain.  It is taking a lot of research  through reading and attending webinars but I am starting to get a little traction and better understanding.  In the article Optimize Twitter to Maximize Small Business Results I have found a few tweaks that I will be able to utilize to get just a bit more exposure I am looking for.  Also as result of reading this article I gained some needed knowledge in the functionality of the lists on Twitter.  How do I better utilize the list to get to the audience I am looking for.  Another great tip was to update the Bio section.  This took a little bit of thinking to write with the character limitation Twitter had.  This was also difficult because having multiple products and services I had to combine those services to get the message delivered.  I do believe I did a pretty bang up job if I do not say so myself. All in all this is an absolute read for small businesses especially if the small business is in the social media space.  All of the principles in this article can be used across multiple if not all the social media companies.  Below is the link to the article.  Enjoy the Read!!  Take this World by Storm!!!


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"Imagine it. Try it. Prove it. Do it!" The only thing holding you back is YOU!!! Mark Alexander is Founder and President of EC&B Solutions Inc., a consulting firm that provides Information Technology services to corporations and Federal Government Agencies. EC&B Solutions Inc. is a certified minority, disabled veteran owned corporation that has been established since September 2006. Beginning as a Systems Administrator with the US Air Force Mr. Alexander has served his country in such operations as Joint Task Force / Southwest Asia and South Korea. Mr Alexander has been an innovative team member for other prestigious organizations such as El Paso Corporation serving as a Database Administrator, Dixie Chemical Company serving as the Lead Systems Administrator and Desktop Support Manager, National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA), TransOcean Drilling Company providing IT & Electronic Support for Deepwater Drilling Operations. While at NASA Mr. Alexander was involved with the Systems Infrastructure project for the mission to Mars. Mr. Alexander has served on the Board of the Bates Clinic, A Social Services Non-Profit Organization located in Missouri City Texas providing services to young single mothers. Currently, Mr. Alexander is working as a consultant with the Houston Area Urban League as their Job Developer for the Urban Youth Empowerment Program as well as the Urban League’s Webmaster and Social Media Guru. Mr. Alexander was instrumental in providing IT Services to such organizations as Department of Homeland Security, Department of Air Force, Department of Army, and the Justice Department. Mr. Alexander is also the author of his first booked named Be Sober, Be Vigilant: Battle Tested Principals to Building the Foundation Of Your Dreams. It is Mr. Alexander’s goal to become a global leader in Information Technology touching all seven continents.

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