An Introduction to the Naomi House – Promoting awareness of the State of Sisterhood

There are no secrets to success. It is

The Buckster writes:  I want to take the opportunity to introduce a new program / organization that is standing up in the Houston Area.  The Executive Director Mrs. Michelle Harden has been a friend for some years now and we met when she started her for profit business.  I have been impressed ever since with not only the quality of her work but the passion in which she does her work.  Naomi’s House is a women’s Ex-Offender program that is the first of its kind. EC&B Solutions will be involved with the organization and I want to take the opportunity to invite all business both small and large to become involved.  I have attached information for all to get some background information and I also invite anyone to reach out to the Naomi’s House Executive Director is you have or want more information.  This is an excellent opportunity to give those in need a second opportunity in our society.  Below is all the information needed to get started.

Who:              Michelle R. Harden, founder of Kingdom View Inc.,

Kingdom View Empowerment Center and Executive Director of The Naomi’s House

What:            The 1st program of its’ kind:  Kingdom View Empowerment Center – Launch of The Naomi’s House, The Place Where Life Begins for Ex-offender Women seeking to become an Entrepreneur/Business Owner

 Where:                Houston, Texas

How:             Partners have developed all over the globe promoting the awareness of THE STATE OF SISTERHOOD.  Professional Women have gathered together to answer and provide solution to the renewing, rebuilding and restoring the lives of women.  In particular, women who are incarcerated are the priority of this movement.  We have established and operate a program entitled Mastering Your Life & Mentoring Programs for Ex-Offenders.

This program provides ex-offenders with an option to discover, design and develop their purpose of career development and/or entrepreneurship.


  • The Website:
  • Host a Fundraising Luncheon/Dinner
  • Host a Drive at your business that will give exposure and traffic
  • Call 877.331.7106 for more information

Why:                    The launch of The Naomi’s House has gain global awareness and recognition.  The Naomi’s House, is The Place Where Life Begins for ex-offender women seeking to become an entrepreneurs. Headquarters in Houston, Texas

This global problem of women being incarcerated is on the rise all over the country.  The State of Sisterhood is under attack by removing the mother/wife from the home, causing the family to be exposed to a great social and economic attack.  A plan to rebuild, renew and restore the lives of women who are re-entering society is critical and have been a lack thereof.   Over 10,000 women in Texas are released yearly back into their communities.  These women often do not have a plan of action on how they will re-enter society.  Their education, economic and social livelihood has been interrupted and therefore leaving them paralyzed to accept and settle for what they have been given.

Michelle R. Harden –  Author  |  Speaker  |  Branding Strategist

Michelle HardenMichelle Harden, CNC (Certified Non-Profit Consultant) entrepreneur extraordinaire in the marketplace.  She is a full-time student at Houston Baptist University, continuing her studies for BA degree in Fine Arts Mass Communication.

Congressional Recognition for “building lives and helping people”.  Under her leadership, community leaders and pastors wives were invited to tour the East and West Wings at the White House. Their trip was hosted by President Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valarie Jarrett.  Michelle engaged her delegates in a round-table conversation led by Ms. Jarrett on Human Trafficking.  As stated by the late Dr. Myles Munroe, “Michelle is an agent of change.” She empowers individuals who have lost all hope in finding their purpose and natural potential in common places.

She is truly a philanthropist of goodwill to all mankind, showing the love of Christ and changing lives for the Kingdom along the way. Michelle has been named as the ‘Harriet Tubman” in this time, leading people to their promise land and experiencing the freedom of enterprise.  She is a midwife to those seeking encouragement and motivation to birth their dreams and visions in the form of a business, book or whatever passion that may be dormant, the inspiration from Michelle transcends in her book she authored and released, “Whatever You do BRAND You.”

Michelle is married to Randy L. Harden, President of Kingdom View Radio Network (KVRN) who is also a radio personality for the web-based Christian station, Together they have four amazing adult
children and three grand-children.


“Michelle, you are the picture of VISION FULFILLED”
Inmate at Lockhart Prison in the Mastering Your Life & Purpose Program

Ambassador – the late, Dr. Myles Munroe
“Michelle Harden & Kingdom View – An Agent of Change! This is a program that we all must support, because this definitely reflects the King’s View.”  From an exclusive interview with the host March 2011 – Rediscovering the Kingdom.

Attorney Leslie Cross & the Cross Firm

“Ms. Harden is a dynamo. In my years of legal practice, I have rarely had the pleasure of working for and with an individual who works as diligently toward turning visions into reality. In accomplishing the above, Mrs. Harden has the rare capacity of building competent teams around her who are extremely loyal to her protocols. In the time I have had the honor of serving as her legal counsel, I have seen Michelle go from one successful project to the next. And with each completed project her circle of influence increases exponentially;
because everyone who comes into contact with her wants to work with her again.

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